• 1.2oz Muladhara Chakra resin incense

1.2oz Muladhara Chakra resin incense

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This is a mixture of unadulterated rich sandalwood oil and powder blended with natural resins herbs spices and pure essential oils. It is formulated according to ancient wisdom and with the intention to open and stimulate the lowest energetic center the Muladhara Chakra. Continued use of our Muladhara Resin Incense will help to balance the chakra and the way it functions promoting stability confidence and the sense of being grounded. It also facilitates healthy blood bones and tissues. The Muladhara Chakra or the base energetic center is situated at the base of the spine. This center connects us with the element of earth. Prabhuji explains that the chakra is directly linked to the sense of security survival confidence steadiness and ones relationship with money home work and the ability to be nourished. Balanced functioning of this chakra leaves us mature confident fearless consistent peaceful and firm-minded. Made in U.S.A.